Troop 230 Meets at Nativity of Our Lord Community Center

Our unit meets every month of the year and conducts a variety of activites: Troop Meetings, Patrol Meetings, Community Events, Weekend Campouts, Summer Campouts, Adventure Campouts, Training and Award Ceremonies.

Troop Meetings: 
The troop meets on Wednesday evenings from 6:30 to 8:pm from January through June, and September through December. During the months of July and August we have fewer Troop meetings and conduct many Troop meetings at summer or adventure camps.

Patrol Meetings: 
Patrol meetings, Patrol Leaders Council, and Patrol events are sometimes held on nights other than the Wednesday Evening meeting night and typically on a weekend. These meetings are typically 2-3 hours in length.

Community Events: 
Our Troop is active in the Orchard Park and regional Buffalo Communities. We participate in Memorial Day, Flag Day, Veterans Day, Church and Charitable Service Projects, Eagle Service Projects, among others. 

Weekend Campouts: 
Weekly meetings are typically spent preparing for monthly unit, district, council, or special event campouts. These camputs are typically weekend campouts which head out Friday evening and return before noon on Sunday.

Summer and Adventure Campouts: 
July and August are reserved for Scouts to participate in summer camping and adventure camping at local and regional camps as well as state and national camps. Additionally Scouts attend adventure camps and participate in canoe trips, biking trips, Jamborees, Order of the Arrow Conclaves, and trips to Philmont.

Training and Courts of Honor: 
Some weekend camping and Wednesday meetings are focused on specialized youth and/or adult training typically in preparation for camping and leadership activities. Additionally out we hold Couts of Honor and periodically attend honorary events such as Scout Sunday which typically involve a parent meeting and or a pot-luk or dinner or refreshments.